Top 5 Places to Eat Trademark Dishes of Kolkata

If you are in Kolkata for a day, you must take this opportunity to hop around the streets and enjoy some of the trademark dishes. Here’s a guide to assist you.

#1: Tiretta Bazaar for Chinese Food

Tiretta Bazaar for Chinese Food

For momos, Chinese sausages, dimsums, fish ball noodle soup and pao, Tiretta Bazaar at Sun Yat-Sen Street is the ideal place. Gorge on some of the delectable treats sold by vendors during the early morning hours. A wonderful way to begin your day! 

#2: Nahoum & Sons for Baked Food

Nahoum & Sons for Baked Food

The iconic New Market of Kolkata is where Nahoum & Sons are located. A Jewish Bakery that can give you a perfect treat and satiate your sweet tooth, Nahoum is the place to have some brownies, pastries, rum balls and biscuits. For a lighter meal, try their lemon puffs and jam tarts. They’re simply divine!

#3: Zeeshan’s Kathi Roll

Zeeshan’s Kathi Roll

Kathi rolls are a hot favourite with Kolkata. It defines street food. Zeeshan rolls are simply yummy and filling, and affordable. Try egg roll, egg tikiya roll, chicken roll, and many more such varieties. Crispy outside and spicy inside, this is a treat for everyone.

#4: Kewpies for an Authentic Bengali Thali

Kewpies for an Authentic Bengali Thali

Located in the quaint corner of Elgin Labe, Kewpies is a favourite dining destination for a trademark Bengali meal. Food is fresh and served in classy terracotta utensils. Feast on Daab Chingri (prawns cooked in coconut milk and served in a coconut shell), Pulao, Mangsho (mutton curry) and many such dishes.

#5: Peter Cat for Chello Kebab

Peter Cat for Chello Kebab

A platter of Chello Kebab from one of the age-old restaurants in Park Street, Peter Cat, is traditionally Kolkata! An Anglo Indian restaurant that serves all kinds of cuisines, Chello Kebab is something else! Steamed rice with 2 varieties of kebabs, topped with one fried egg and a blob of butter – that’s heavenly. You can try the mixed sizzler too.

Now you have a handful of options to make this trip to Kolkata fulfilling.