The Best Apps and Websites to Order Food in India

Food delivery applications and websites have flooded the Indian market. Previously, people had to go to restaurants themselves to get the food they wanted. While this was not very difficult, it would turn into a bit of a problem when people were caught up with work, and simply needed a helping hand.

Order Food in India

These days, there is no dearth of such apps and websites, and if you are looking for some of the most reliable names in the food home delivery business to satisfy your taste buds, read on!



Swiggy is probably India’s most popular app when it comes to ordering food directly to your home, or somebody else’s! The app lets you choose food from the menus of the most reputed restaurants in your vicinity. All the restaurants are rated as well, in terms of both service and price points, which makes it easy for users to select the restaurant based on their available budget. Once you place the order, you can use the app to track the order live, which displays the location of the delivery executive assigned to deliver the food to you.

There are plenty of payment modes as well, and there are Swiggy special offers from time to time too. All in all, Swiggy ranks amongst the very best food apps in India today.

Delivery Chef

delivery chef

Like Swiggy, Delivery Chef too is a very popular website that currently operates in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, and allows customers to choose from a wide variety of restaurants. The hassle-free order system ensures that people can get the food they want and pay according to their preferred payment mode. In case you have any trouble accessing the main website, you can also get in touch with Delivery Chef directly through a phone call, and place your order. Regular customers are rewarded with numerous discounts and special offers.

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If you live in and around Gurgaon, Noida or South Delhi, and want food that is not too fancy, but delicious and homely, Yumist is perfect for you. Yumist operates through a website and an app as well, and customers can order by simply logging into either platform and picking the food they want from the menu. Yumist ensures fast delivery, and the availability of various payment modes makes it a breeze for customers.

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Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is probably India’s most popular pizza delivery service, and their menu consists of some of the most lip-smacking pizzas, snacks and desserts you are likely to find anywhere. You can order food directly from their website or the app, and you can customize your pizza in a variety of ways to make sure it suits your taste buds. Ordering through the app or the website also gives users the chance to avail various attractive deals.

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