5 Malls You’ll Love While Shopping in Kolkata

Shopping Malls in Kolkata: Who doesn’t love the all-in-one attribute of the malls? Everything is stuffed into one single place and there is even variety! The best shopping experience surely lies within the malls. What’s even more interesting is that quality malls are not only there for good shopping time. They’ve got big screens too, and lots of popcorns and food places.

Top 5 Shopping Malls in Kolkata You’ll Love While Shoppingmalls in kolkata

Kolkata is a huge place. Tomorrow’s forecasts suggest that tomorrow is a definite shopping day! So, let’s have a look into the best 5 malls that would bear all your shopping addiction with ease.

South City Mall

South-City-MallThis is the biggest shopping mall in the entire West Bengal! And all of you are with me in this, “The bigger the mall, the bigger the list!” So, get yourself prepared for the shopping streak as this mall has everything you might think of! There are stores of Guess, Forever New, Vero Moda, Chemistry, Jack and Jones and so much waiting for you to be conquered!

In addition to all the shopping, this mall hosts a six-screen INOX Multiplex which can enhance tomorrow’s rain into something even more special. You can also play games with your friends at the Timezone or barge into the food court to take all the dishes hostage!

Quest Mall 

Quest-MallYou can call it the Brand Paradise if you want to. But, believe me, folks, it is the place for the brand lovers. There is Gucci, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, MAC, Mango, Burberry, Rolex and many others waiting for your favourite stuff in their hands at this mall.

This mall supplies you with all the electronics for your needs, thanks to The Gadget Store and Bose. You can also rock your party with the Party Hunterz, or dig into the dishes at the KFC, Forever Yoghurt and so much more.

This mall is not limited to quality brands. The INOX at the Quest Mall is the best six-screen INOX in Kolkata for its comfort and movie experience. So, make sure you do your best in increasing the list before you head out to the Quest Mall!

Forum Courtyard

Forum-CourtyardThis mall is another multi-brand experience for the customers. Not only is it filled with all the big names in the industry, but there’s also this cuisine fine dining that makes this mall something different. Make sure you go to the food courts before you leave the mall.

This mall has Levi’s, Cottonworld, Swarovski, Rolex, Aldo and Lalique along with some other finely spread into its two hundred and forty thousand square feet.

Mani Square 

Mani-SquareTalk about shopping, gaming and fabulous eatery and the Mani Square will come into your minds. The spectacularly brilliant mall hosts Adidas, Lee Cooper, Zodiac, UCB and a lot more in its premises. The EM Bypass based mall makes sure that every consumer made is a consumer satisfied. And if by any chance you are not happy? Then you can put out the flames of frustration on the food and games.

City Centre 1 

City-CentreCity Centre 1 is a gigantic mall, and one of the biggest in the city. It houses a variety of stores including Nike, Adidas etc. You can also have the cinema cravings fulfilled by watching a quality movie at this malls INOX Multiplex.

There are also good restaurants like Pizza Hut, Kaafila and Caught n Bowled that make the shopping experience a splendour.

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Final Verdict 

Final Verdict mall in kolkataThe malls mentioned above are guaranteed to make your tomorrow’s shopping worth it! We made sure we tell you about the eateries, brands and the cinemas and gaming centres so that you can check by yourself which one of these is your thing. So, enjoy draining those wallets and bank accounts as you assault these money-magnets.