Exciting Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriend For New Year 2020

Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriend: Surprises are always special when they are meant for your loved ones. But the surprises become more important when they are handmade. If the person knows that you have put up actual effort in making them, nothing can be more comforting. Here are few ideas of handmade gifts that you can gift your boyfriend in any special occasion.


Handmade Cards for Boyfriend | Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriend

  • Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriend: If you plan to gift your boyfriend cards on his birthday or anniversary, then you should make a gentleman card. The cover of the card should look like a blazer. You can decorate it with bottoms and tie. To finish the card you can tie a ribbon to keep everything in place.

handmade gifts for boyfriend

  • If it is for your boyfriend’s birthday then make a card with candles in the front. For the flames, you can draw it with yellow crayons. It will give a burning illusion. You can even decorate the card with balloons. You can cut it from cardboard and paint it with fabric paint.
  • A birthday card for an anniversary can include a card with maps of places that you have visited or you want to visit. You can also highlight the places you visited with a colour and the places you want to visit with another colour.
  • The exploding box card can be used for all types of occasions. It is a special memory box where you can include all his favourite moments. You can also write the details of some funny incident and make it nostalgic.

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Popsicle Stick Gift Ideas for Boyfriend | Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriendhandmade gifts for boyfriend

  • Popsicle sticks or ice-cream sticks can be used to make exciting surprise gifts. A jar full of painted Popsicle sticks can be used. You can paint it with your boyfriend’s favourite colour. You can also give it a rainbow effect by painting it with different colours. Inside the sticks you can write reasons why you love your boyfriend, or why are you lucky to have him. You should use a marker pen while writing it.
  • A handmade photo frame using Popsicle sticks can be really exciting. All you need to do is to place them in the desired place and stick them with a hot glue gun. Inside it, you can put a memorable picture of you and your boyfriend.
  • Popsicle stick can also be used to create a puzzle. All you need to do is to print a picture of the desired size. Align the Popsicle sticks accordingly and glue everything together. Then take a knife and cut in between the pictures. It would separate them and give an illusion of a puzzle.
  • If your boyfriend is fascinated with pens or is a worker at a desk, you can make him a pen stand. It would be so handy. You can also paste a picture of both of you. Every time he searches for a pen, it will surely remind him of you.

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Scrapbook Gift Ideas for Boyfriend | Handmade Gifts for Your BoyfriendExciting-Handmade-Gifts-for-Your-Boyfriend

  • If you are not a crafty person then this is totally for you. Buy a scrapbook and decorate it with balloon cut-outs or scraped candles. Inside the scrapbook, pour your heart out. If it is your anniversary, you can write down about the moments spent together. Paste a lot of pictures with cheesy footers to make it more attractive.
Handmade Letters for Boyfriend | Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriendhandmade gifts for boyfriend
  • Letters can never run out of fashion when it comes to speaking the language of love. You can be open when it comes to letters. Put it inside an envelope. On top of it write the instructions of when he should open it and how. You can also create your own story about how and when you met using letters. Write a series of letters and stick them to each other using a thread and hot glue gun. It is a nostalgic gift.

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You can never go wrong with handmade gifts. They are sure to make your better-half feel all the more special.