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Shopclues Shoes: The most fashionable essential or accessory to be worn is the footwear. When a shoe design, color, and various other aspectual characteristics blend perfectly with the outfit, attire or a particular dress; it instantly enhances the wearer’s look. But when it, don’t, it ruins the appearance diverging one’s attention to the un-matching shoes.

However, the category in which shoes fall i.e. footwear is both very much synonymous. Philosophically footwear is considered as any garment or outfit was worn over legs or feet to protect it from any kind of soft, physical or exterior damage. However, shoes are only considered as a status symbol for today’s generation.

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Shopclues Shoes: The shoe category in footwear, itself has more sub-categories including sneakers, boots and sports shoes for men whereas women’s range consists of bellies, wedges, heels and innumerable more stereotypes. However, men don’t lack in ideas regarding footwear either instead as a matter of fact men have more range of diverse products with respect to footwear compared to that of women.

Shopclues brings the most amazing deals at most exciting and rebates prices. Unbelievable purchases with stunning discounts and offers from genuine dealers across the entire nation assure trustworthy and fastidious shopping. Not only nation confined brand products are could be seen but also international and globally renowned brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and various more popular brands.

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Sagaciously well known for sports essentials including shoes, Adidas presents a wide range of sports shoes, sneakers, and boots and even flip flops very recently. Adidas shoes could be acquired with an amazing discount up to 60%. With the application of coupon code SINGLES 15, a customer gets a more additional discount of 11% on the rebated doesn’t end here but Mobikwik e-wallet’s Supercash offer of getting cash back of 10% from the final purchase amount.

The Adidas Men’s Black Lace-up Running shoes look stunning with brown-ochre occasional ankle length stripes. Perfect for casual as well as party wear, these amazing pair of shoes worth RS. 5,799 of the rebated price are available with EMI options starting at RS. 518.

Shopclues Shoes: The largest sports manufacturer, Nike brings an exciting range of sportswear including high on performance shoes. Nike presents a palatable range of shoes with discount minimum 20%. The stylish, sturdy and sporty casual looking Nike Men’s Red, Brown Lace-up smart casuals blend perfectly with denim and tee for the trendiest look. Available with EMI offer starting at RS. 281, this pair has a total purchasable amount of RS. 2,596.

Axis Bank, Citibank, Yes Bank, HSBC, HDFC and numerous other banks sanctions EMI payment method for products available on Shopclues’ product description helps to function properly in terms of selection of contrast or matching other clothing or accessories essentials. It mentions products and categories or color and outfit on which a particular product from Shopclues will look perfect.

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Red Chief shoes popular for its toughness and durability along with the classic business look, definitely enhances the wearer’s appearance. Red Chief shoes are a status symbol for the current date. Available at an exclusive offer of up to 40% off, one can acquire more 10% discount with the default selection of coupon code SINGLES 11 or more often SINGLES 15. However what’s eye-catchy is the glorious formal shoes, sober and simple, glossy yet stylish and promising long-lasting feature is an add-on for Red Chief shoes.

Puma shoes available at an amazing deal of discount up to 65%, is remarkable. High on performance and style, Puma shoes instantly enhance anyone’s style quotient. Running shoes, casual sneakers, and sandals from Puma are available at up to 45% of a rebate. Tough, durable, and trendy Puma shoes are always multi-occasional and perfectly go with any outfit.

Shopclues Shoes: The most conventional, most substantial and trustworthy brand regarding shoes is Reebok. Reebok has always been everyone’s first preference cause of its massive glut of fruitful and flamboyant products, which not only lasts long but also, stays the trendiest sports essentials.  Available at the wonderful rebate of up to 65% off on the current purchasable amount, Reebok shoes are truly remarkable for every feature. Undoubtedly the boots and sports shoes from Reebok are always the first choices even by professionals.

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However what remains the center of attraction is the incredible offer of up to 70% off on Lancer shoes. Flashy, attractive and brutally beautiful of casual designs consisting of neither too much nor too simple but trendy and classy keep it wanted creation style is what makes it truly wanted. Available with more additional discount of minimum 10%, a customer can select the coupon code SINGLES 11 or SINGLES 15 with respective of 10% and 15% discount

The most innovative and unique out of the box design from Sparx is undoubtedly and unforgettably remarkable. With its new arrival of fluorescent colored shoes, sneakers, sandals, and even flip flops look absolutely stylish. Available at an unbelievable discount of up to 60%, Sparx has massive ken of fashionable sports products and essentials that match perfectly with casual and even sometimes formal attire and outfits. The multi-occasional and trendy design makes it a must-have product. A customer surely rejoices about the comfort and style offered by this brand even in the simplest and solid colored shoe design. Almost all of the products from Sparx are available on EMI option starting at RS. 400 a month.

The fastest growing trendiest brand in footwear collection is Lotto, available with a rebate of up to 60%, one can get these wonderful looking stylish pair of shoes at an exclusive rate which starts from the price of RS. 400. Absolutely stunning and decent looking, shoes from this brand are worth investing.

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Shopclues not only brings exciting offers on particular brands but also the regional and local brands all under the purchasable amount of RS. 499.; it’s not just this but additional 10% off on application of coupon code BATON 10. The all-new sneakers range from globally renowned brands to regional trustworthy and fruition brands are available in the sneakers section with up to 80% off discount.

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Shopclues Shoes: Shopclues brings the classiest and royal looking formal footwear range which includes shoes, boots and even sandals from San Frisco, Red Tape, and France Leone at an exclusive deal of minimum 40% discount. Along with up to 100% cash back offer from Mobikwik, Vodafone e-wallet and Mpesa provides up to 5% of cash back. However what remains the center of attraction the house of offers on categories is the flat 60% off on casual shoes from world popular brands such as Puma, Red Tape and much more.

The value combo section of Shopclues includes numerous renowned brands such as Puma, Nike, and Adidas. Available at a stunning discount of up to 50% on altogether brand products, this is a worth investing offer at one time.

Moving on to the bounteous range of footwear products in women’s category, it comprises of heels, wedges, sneakers, casual shoes, slippers and much more masculine-oriented but women designed loafers, boots, and formal shoes.

World classy fashionable brand which includes lifestyle essentials and accessories, insanely famous for its unique out of the blue design i.e. Lavie brings an incredible deal of 60% to 80% off on the stunning casual and sports shoes. Comfortable, stylish and sleek designed platform heels, wedges and sneakers are an exclusive deal of wonder.

Shopclues Shoes: The most trusted brand in women’s footwear range is Catwalk. Presenting an unbelievable offer of up to 80% discount on shoes and other numerous products, it surely adds a dash of glamour to anyone who wears it. Shopclues brings the most final rebated price to our doorstep.

Traditional and most durable product presenting a brand, Bata footwear products, and items are available at a rebated discount of up to 40%. Bata always brings not only the most palatable and comfortable footwear but also stylish and fashionable products.

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Well known for long-lasting and elegantly styled footwear product ken from Sparx and Converse are remarkable and suggests all the features of their name itself. However what keeps beating the trend is the Shop By Price, Shop By Discount and Shop By Occasion section of Shopclues. It brings the flashiest and classy up to date shoes and other essential products at the unbelievable rebated price.

Shopclues Shoes: Puma, Woodland, Red Tape, Adidas and innumerable more masculine-oriented brands not only manufacture products for men but also for women; are also available with their placate eye-catchy and undoubtedly one of the most striking footwear range. The new arrivals keep on remaining the center of attraction because of the stunning and absolutely high-class designed products from almost every brand across the globe. Visit before you lose an opportunity to grab the most flamboyant and pleasant offers.

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