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Shopclues Jewellery : Jewellery is the most flashy and whimsical accessories in the whole attire and essential things to be worn. This whimsical accessory mostly includes pendants, brooch, bracelets, anklets, rings, and lockets. In general, distinguishes accessory that is worn and accessory which is carried. The one which is carried consists of handbags, backpacks, bags, wallets, purses, and others. But the accessories which are worn could be synonymous with jewellery because of the attractiveness. Flowers to some extent also fall under the category of jewellery but compared to most of the other known jewels and pieces of jewellery, flowers are not tough, strong and durable enough. Jewellery is simply accessories which enhance beauty adding a touch of glamour.

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Shopclues Jewellery : From a needle to an electrical appliance, Shopclues brings the most vivid range of products and many times product description also fall short of adjectives while describing the beauty, style, and elegance of a particular product. Shopclues not only deals with globally renowned and international or foreign brands but also regional and local brands. Shopclues has a massive ken of every category and not to forget about the exciting deals and unbelievable prices for which Shopclues is famous for. The widespread products from genuine dealers and at the last worthy investment makes every customer undoubtedly debonair. Shopclues offers the best of jewellery from the most popular brands with a surety mark that assures every customer of trust and genuineness. Aiming for the customers’ satisfaction, Shopclues even present product replacement facility with easy and secure procedures.

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The JEWEL LANE FASHION JEWELLERY section of Shopclues includes all jewellery accessories range starting at just RS. 99. The charming gold plated jewellery necklace solely made of alloy material worth RS. 999 are available at 81% of discount and the final price comes out to be RS. 189. Ideal for men from one of the most fashionable brands in India, i.e. Charms; blends perfectly for casual and party wear. Charms bring the most stunning and tantalizing jewellery which looks brightly appealing because of its smooth finishing and pretty design. The classy shine and flawless finishing enhance its value and divine glaze.

Earrings are the most stylish yet simple and sober everyday style statement accessory. It is eye-catchy and the fact is that it is the first accessory in terms of jewellery where our sight lays first. More than 20,000 plus products from popular brands such as Sukkhi, The Pari, Zaveri Pearls, and much more brings an exclusive collection of earrings and rings with minimum 70% of discount. The most popular brand in jewellery is Sukkhi, is famous for its meticulous work and perfection. The garrulous artwork itself speaks how graceful it is. Embellished with glamorous jewels, the unique look of Sukkhi jewellery are remarkable.

Shopclues Jewellery: The casual jewellery range of Shopclues brings almost all kinds of beautiful jewellery product starting at RS. 99 and the price reach RS. 499. It even includes the fashionable chokes; trendy at the moment at 74% of discount. Traditional bridal jewellery from Zaveri, Voylla, Chandbali, Touchstone and much more admirable brands are available on up to 40% of discount. Also, the Mobikwik Supercash offers to allow a customer to get additional 10% or 11% (as per mentioned conditions) of cash back to the respective e-wallet.

The finely detailed with flamboyant designs from Voylla Chandbali are no less than any other brand.  It lacks no terms of beauty, in fact, the out of the box designs of various traditional and vintage necklaces and other bridal jewellery is remarkable. The 22kt gold-plated jewellery from Voylla Chandbali perfectly blends with every outfit and attire. It is multi-occasional and perfect especially for casual and party wears.

Shopclues Jewellery: Whereas considering the men’s ornate jewellery, it is default devoid of shine and glamour but class is what keeps it amazingly beautiful. The one of kind jewellery from Sukkhi and Touchstone are wonderful and suits anyone. The very hard to get artworks from world-class artist brands are also available at a stunning discount of up to 35%.

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However what remains the piece of attraction is the gift packages. The most appealing part of gift variety is the wide variety of different products and exclusive range of items that always make a customer debonair with the available price on Shopclues.

The perfect blends of traditional and contemporary designs from Meia Rhodium are available at a flashy discount up to 70% of the novel rate. The necklaces from Meia Rhodium are available at a stunning discount of 55% on the novel purchase amount. With the application of MEIA 10 coupon code, one gets an exclusive access to additional 10% and also the Mobikwik Supercash offer of 10% cashback is also applicable.

Shopclues Jewellery: The most palatable offer in the current date is the gold-plated set of jewellery comprising of necklaces and earrings at an astonishing discount of 86%. The Showstopper gold necklace set which instantly adds a touch of glamour to anyone’s look, worth RS.799 of the market value is available at 75% of discount and the eventual rebated price comes out to be RS. 195. Ideally designed for women, this artificial jewellery is adored by women. Being multi-occasional of use, it is also durable and embellished with the unique antique finish. The religious jewellery consisting of elegant and flashy looking unisex necklaces, bands and pendants are available up to 80% of discount on the present purchasable amount.

Shopclues brings more than 4,000 products of pendants and chains starting at just RS. 79. The collection includes truly unbelievably beautiful and glamorous products which are astounding for the jaw-dropping prices. One of the most trusted brands of jewellers in terms of unique and creatively eye-popping items, Sukkhi jewellery are available at 60% of discount. Whereas Zaveri pearls, well known for its meticulous artwork is also available at minimum 40% of discount. The most rebated range of jewellery is presented by Gitanjali, perfectly matching and blending with almost every attire and outfit, the accessories and jewellery from Gitanjali are a must have. The gold jewellery from Gitanjali is available at a purchasable amount with minimum 50% discount; this not just make the collection extensive and experts’ recommendation but also irresistible of purchase.

Shopclues Jewellery: Luxor brings jewellery which instantly enhances the wearers’ style quotient and the insightful gain is that Shopclues presents a remarkable rebate of up to 80% on the Luxor jewellery collection.

The massive kens of Jewelmaze collection of flashy and attractive pendants and lockets, also anklets and rings could be acquired at an astounding range of all products which are presented are in Rs. 499.

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The shop by occasion section of Shopclues has an eye-catchy and striking deal of offers which includes wedding jewellery at a rebate of minimum 50% and casual jewellery collection which falls under the range of RS. 99 to RS. 499.

The formal wear accessories including the jewellery which suggest the category by the name itself is available at minimum 60% of the rebated price from a novel rate in the market. The formal wear jewellery is fitted perfectly for casual wear and also party wear because of its simple yet elegant design.

Party wears jewellery accessory range could be acquired at unbelievable prices with the lovable creation with 40% – 60% of discount.

Shopclues Jewellery: Up to some extent, wrist watches come under the category of jewellery and accessory as well. Shopclues has a vivid and widespread range of watches from globally renowned brands such as Fastrack, Lavie, Titan, and Casio.

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The new arrival range of jewellery collection from best sellers not only international or foreign but also regional and local astonishing brands with their amazing products are worth investing.

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