Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers

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Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers

Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers Deals and Cashback Coupon Codes

Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers : Since we are living in the era of e-commerce realm, the fuss in the market never ceases to calm down. Each new day brings with it some new innovative startups increasing the already swarming online traffic and hence the transactions have become almost cashless. People started finding comfort in the online payment gateways. Even simple mobile recharges nowadays are being mostly done online. Especially in a crowded busy bee country like India, the online transaction’s become inevitable. That’s why the kings of digital payment platform like Paytm are able to rule the market by daily coming up with several jaw-dropping offers especially on mobile recharges.

For this article, we made some research to curate a list of some of the cool Paytm mobile recharge offers to make things a bit easy in your busy schedule. We have explained each offer in detail so that you could choose the one that suits you at ease. Make use of some of the cool offers and save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket!

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Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers : Considering the group of people that do not spend their money on huge recharges, this offer is a decent deal. You could grab the deal from Paytm using the PromocodeGRAB30! To be eligible for this offer, you must at least make the minimum transaction of rupees 100. The Paytm offer 3% cashback for every transaction using the code. The maximum amount you could garner from this recharge is Rs.30.

The Promocode can be utilized twice per customer/number. That might light up the dull faces that think 3% off is quite low. The Airtel users are exceptional for this offer. They can’t use the code though they have other interesting deals waiting for them. The offer is valid for both postpaid and prepaid recharges. The cashback will be credited to your account within 24 hours from the time of recharge.

Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers : We could literally sense your mood when you spotted the ‘100% cashback’ title. Yeah! You read that right. The 100% cashback offers are common in Paytm. That’s why they stand out of all those noises. Still, this type of complete cash back offers is often comes with a condition.

You should download the Paytm Mall App on your mobile phone and log in the app with your credentials. Now make the recharge and use the promo RECHARGE100. It’s as simple as that. The maximum cashback will be 25 rupees for the first time Paytm Mall users. This Promocode can only be used once per device and as usual, the cashback will be credited to your account within the span of 24 hours.

Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers : And here we are looking at an amazing Paytm Airtel offer as mentioned above.  It doesn’t come with a tricky Promocode which is difficult to remember. It’s simply AIRTEL. This cashback offer is a treat for the Airtel users. To avail this offer, you should make the transaction of at least rupees 100. To be precise, when you make the recharge of Rs.349 then you’ll be credited with a round figure of 5o rupees in your Paytm account as a cashback.

When you make the transaction above 349 rupees then you’d achieve the goal of obtaining a flat 75 rupees cashback in your account within next 24 hours. Isn’t it sounds amazing? Again as we said before, awesome offers come with a condition. The number you intend to recharge must not have been recharged before in the Paytm and this promo can be used only once per number/user.

This one might make you feel a little bit like ‘seriously?’ Yeah! Every time you recharge using the PromocodeGRAB10 you’ll receive a flat one rupee recharge. You must have guessed the rest by now. Yes! You can use the Promocode ten times per account and hence a total of ten rupees slide into your account.

Perhaps, we should have given the title as Rs.1 cash back. Then you wouldn’t have spent some time reading this. Still, you can’t underrate the deal totally. It’s a deal for the users that make frequent recharges using the Paytm, this one’s quite a deal. It’s better than nothing. In fact, you could avail this cashback from not only mobile recharge but recharging Data cards, DTH etc. Now that sounds like a promising deal right? Unfortunately, this offer is not applicable to the Airtel recharges.

If you are a Jio customer then this deal might mean something to you. By using the Promocode PAYTMJIO, you can avail Rs.15 cashback twice. To avail this offer, you must make at least Rs.300 transaction. Considering the Jio’s recharge plans, it’s most likely that almost every Jio customers do transactions more than Rs.300. Hence, it’s quite a good deal. You can use the Promocode on first two transactions. That way you could be garnering Rs.30 in your account as a cashback. This offer is for the first recharge you make.

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Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers : This offer is only applicable to the Idea users. Using the Promocode IDEA50, you can enjoy the cashback of Rs.50. To avail the offer, the minimum transaction amount a user should make is Rs.399. The cashback of Rs.50 will be credited to the account within 24 hours from the time of the transaction. This Promocode can only be used once per user/number and the number must have been recharged on Paytm before.

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Yet again a cool Jio offer! With the Promocode NEWJIO, the user can enjoy the cashback of Rs.50.As the Promocode itself says, the Jio number should not have been recharged previously using the Paytm. The minimum recharge amount required to earn the cashback amount is 399. As we said before, for Jio users, it won’t come as a surprise or a disappointment since they are used to spending a huge amount on recharges. The promo can be used only once per customer/number.

This one is a treat for the regular Paytm users and we can also say that these kind of fun-filled offers are the reason people keep on coming back to Paytm. What’s all the fuss about the Promocode LUCKY7?  This Promocode might gift you with 100% cashback on the recharges you make on Paytm. Sounds cool right? You can use the above mentioned Promocode in every transaction you make with Paytm. That way you might be selected as one of the seven lucky winners that win 100% cashback every hour. The maximum cashback will be Rs.150 that’s quite a steal deal!

Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers: If you are a frequent Paytm user then it’s most likely that you might with the deal. Though it’s not like you won’t nail it with that rare single recharge you do on Paytm. Try your luck! It’s better than nothing. The cool thing about this offer is that you could use the Promocode on all your Paytm transactions. It is not confined only to the mobile recharges. As usual, the cashback will be credited to your account within 24 hours considering you won the deal.

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This one will be the craziest deal you’d ever come across Paytm because it’s not every day you could win a motorcycle by simply recharging your mobile phone or paying bills online. Yes! Paytm is gifting Yamaha Fascino for three lucky Paytm customers. Now you know why we used ‘crazy’ to define the deal.

To avail this lifetime offer you just have to use the PromocodeBUMPER while making a transaction on Paytm. It is as simple as that. To increase your possibility of winning the bike you just have to make many transactions as you can on Paytm using the Promocode. It is a piece of cake for frequent Paytm users. If you are not lucky enough to win a free bike then you could still aim to come under the list of 100 that could win Movie ticket vouchers worth Rs.500 each. Paytm is acting fair by rejecting this offer for the Paytm employees and their relatives. We don’t have to mention that this is once in a lifetime offer. It’s no sin to give it a try.

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The first time users of Paytm Mall App could make use of the PromocodeMALLPAYto win the shopping voucher worth Rs.100.  The minimum transaction required to avail this offer is Rs.10 and that’s quite good news. When you make a transaction using this Promocode, you’ll receive a cashback code via SMS and that code can be used in your Paytm mall purchases.

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Paytm Mobile Recharge Offers: The Promocode can only be used once per user and you cannot use that code for recharges and on certain products. Once received, the code will be valid up to 30days. You should make use of the code within the given period before it expires. The Paytm offers are not completed with the ones we have mentioned in this article. The offers are never limited when it comes to Paytm. Make use of what we presented in this article and keep your eyes open for several other offers on Paytm in the days to come. Make hay while the sun shines!


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