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Jabong Handbags Coupons

Jabong Handbags Coupons Offers For March 2018

Jabong Handbags Coupons| There has been a lot of innovation in the women’s handbag since its very evolution in the 16th Century. The purpose of carrying a handbag was a lot of different back then than it is now. It was just considered as a utility product to carry utensils, large boxes etc. from one place to another by women of all age. Until the 20th Century a handbag was rather a chatelaine; a hook with chains to which small utensils could be attached, such as keys, knife cases, scissors and sewing tools. Later then precious metal was taken into use by the smiths and they carved caricatures of birds and animals by hand.

Jabong Handbags Coupons| When in the19th Century in the age of the industrial revolution new manufacturing methods enabled the development of textile industry and hence new materials came into use. There were a lot of people in that era that came to be known for their ideas of the design and structure of the bag who later on became the most famous designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. It had become a very vital add-on for major fashion designers such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, and Donna Karan for their business.

Jabong Handbags Coupons|Now coming back to the present times most of us are aware that in 2014 Flipkart acquired Myntra and later in July 2016 Myntra further went on to takeover Jabong from Global Fashion Group. This procurement is one of those intrepid steps that shall make the Flipkart groups position as the definite leader in Fashion and Lifestyle segment in India.

The brand Jabong is closely associated with international and luxury brands and hence this is the most profitable business for any company. Being in the fashion industry for 5 years now it has all the things that can make you look classy wherever you walk in. As we have spoken about huge designer labels in handbags and their evolution. We shall dive into the Handbag collection that Jabong has in store for women.

Jabong Handbags Coupons|There are more than 500 brands available on Jabong to suit your budget and let you buy the perfect bag for you.

You can find all types of materials on Jabong here are some prominent and famous categories from all over the world.

The Leather Satchel, Handbag or Backpacks –these are essential for the women that work. The brands those host these type of bags on Jabong are Leather Zentrum that are in the range of Rs. 4500- Rs. 6000. Dressberry is another brand providing synthetic leather bags on Jabong in the range of Rs. 400-1500. Another Indian brand from Pondicherry is Hidesign has leather handbags in the range of Rs. 2500- 9000.

The Compact Clutch –when you are composed and organized about a particular evening and there are only a few things that you want to carry then a clutch is a handy and easier option. Some clutches also come with a metal chain so that you can hang it lose and put your hands up in the air. There are almost 70+ brands on Jabong that give you the liberty to make your choice. Dorothy Perkins is available in the Range of Rs. 500-3000 which include glittery clutched with embellishments and silver/golden mesh. Baggit has a range of suave and light clutches within the range of Rs. 900- 1600.

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Jabong Handbags Coupons Offers For March 2017| The Shoulder Bag –these bags have a very sophisticated yet sporty look and are another daily to-go bags. It enables you to achieve greater mobility than the regular satchel. Brands like Lavie, Allen Solly, Lino Perros, United Colors of Benetton, and Satya Paul etc. have these kinds of bags in their collection within the range of Rs. 1000- 4000 on Jabong.

The Tote Bag –it is usually a lightweight material with a bigger space than other bags so that you can make it a b or office bag to carry your lunch your diary and other makeup items too. Jabong is offering these types of bags in the range of Rs. 500 to 8000. Lavie &Caprese are the brands that have the largest collection of Totes on Jabong as compared to other brands.

Solid Color Bags –if you have a personality that is moody and have a lot of ups and downs in your daily emotional and mental quotient than experimenting with colors can help you a lot to suit your mood swings. We do not suggest matching the color of your bag with your outfit but rather create a contrast so that it looks trendy and modern. Brands like Cath Kidston, Addons, Dorothy Perkins, are some brands that host solid colored bags like Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Blue on Jabong in the range of Rs. 600-5000

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Jabong Voucher| There are offers on Jabong that start and end on a daily basis and there are codes that you can apply while checking out with a particular product. These discounts on Jabong can get you 10-30% off on your purchase of handbags.

Choosing the Right Handbag

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Jabong Coupons| It is said by industry experts that a woman should carry a bag that matches her body type as it makes her look more elegant and poised. Here are a few pointers to look for when searching for the perfect bag.

Length –the part of your body where a bag sits gets to draw attention to it so if you have small hips having a bag that assembles on your hips will make your shape look curvier. Whereas if you have large hips try a bag that sits on your waistline that will take away the attention of the waistline and make you look slimmer. This can be achieved by buying the bags with smaller or longer handles respectively and both of these types of bags are available on Jabong online. Brands like Hidesign gives you a longer handle whereas Caprese and Lino Perros have more options in short handles.

Size –going with what’s trending can sometimes prove to be a bummer to your personality. If you are tall a small bag will get lost and lose its essence in your body. And if you are on the shorter side you may hide your body behind a hideously large bag. Accessorize and AND have a good collection of small sized bags on Jabong.

Shape –keepingin mind your overall shape you should choose a bag that compliments it. If you are tall and a slim figure you should go for something that is plump and slouchy. Similarly, if you are short and curvy then any handbags with sturdy angles should work for you. Bags on Jabong are a huge collection Adisa and Baggit are branded for the taller girls and Allen Solly, as well as Van Heusen, can be suitable for the short ones.

Style–handbags can be for any special occasion or your daily outings or even for work. A lot can be learned by looking at models in the Fashion magazine doing the work collection, the casual collection as well as other occasions like a wedding, cocktail party etc. You can see the bags that they carry along with a particular look and get an idea of what kind of bag, which material can go with which outfit. And online stores like Jabong are at your fingertips to help you choose that bag.

Purpose –this point is the last one for you to determine the best fit bag for you because this will impact the decision of buying one after you have considered all the above options. Why are you buying this bag? Want to buy it to match your outfit for a particular occasion? Are you going to use it to carry your books to college or use it for work purpose? You must ask these questions to yourself so that you can check out with your cart at Jabong. You can simply go to the website and hover over women category and click on “New in Bags” further you can go ahead to click handbags and just make your choice from a collection of more than 5000 bags on Jabong.

Here are few discounts and offers on bags at Jabong,

  • 30-70% off on brands like American Tourister, Sky Bags, Tommy Hilfiger, Lino Perros, Caprese, Baggit, Hidesign, Lavie, Dorothy Perkins, Allen Solly, and Fossil & More
  • 35% off on Lavie handbags and clutches collection
  • 20% off on Superdry clothing and accessories
  • 25% off on orders above Rs. 999 –All Visa cards
  • Get Rs. 75 cashback via Freecharge wallet payment

Bank offers-

  • Get 20% off at 1499+ SBI bank offer
  • 200 off on an order of Rs. 2000 with Kotak Card
  • Get Rs. 250 off –ICICI Bank Credit and Debit card, Order value Rs.999

Jabong Handbags Coupons For March 2018| By Looking at the history and evolution of handbags right from the 19th Century till the present times and few tips to help you make your decision you can surely feel confident to buy the right bag for yourself. Bags define you, just make the right choice!


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