Top 5 Peaceful Places India Hosts for Budget Holidays

Everyone craves for peace and revival at some point of life and holidaying is a wonderful exercise to achieve it. It may happen that while planning a much-required break, travel budget plays the spoilsport. Many destinations in India are surprisingly peaceful and unexpectedly affordable for a wonderful holiday. Revealed below are few among them.

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The experience of bathing in the holy pool of nectar at the Golden Temple of Amritsar is simply unmatched. Eating at the world’s largest community kitchen and listening to the harmonious ‘Gurbani’ would leave you mesmerized. With excellent rail connectivity and plenty of budget hotels, the holiest Sikh city absolutely matches your pocket size.


Still living under the influence of French culture, this erstwhile colony on the eastern coast of the country is world-famous for its serene ashrams. AurovilleCity and Sri Aurobindo Ashram are the perfect venues to practice meditation. Being small in size, the city saves local transportation costs. Staying at an ashram further reduces the holiday costs.


Enjoying the grandeur of snow-capped Dhauladhar Hills, the holy town of Dharamsala serves as the adobe of His Holiness Dalai Lama. With lush green coniferous forests, fascinating trekking routes and silver cascades on one hand and heart-warming Tibetan culture and Buddhist heritage on the other, it is no less than a paradise. Budget hotels and restaurants let you soak in tranquility without worrying about the expenses.

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Choose this picturesque beach town sandwiched between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea and you would deny returning home. Splendid beaches like Om, Half Moon and Paradise are free from maddening crowds and let you enjoy the melodies of nature. Popular Hindu temples like Mahabaleshwar and Maha Ganapathi lend unique magnificence to the ambiance. Even the well-appointed beach resorts may find place in your budget.


Unwilling to shed its historical charm, the heritage town of Hampi is a treat for eyes and relief for mind. Stunning temple architecture and World Heritage Sites of Vijayanagara Empire ruins leave one awestruck and the activities like rock climbing and coracle rides add worth to the holiday. Cheap road and rail connectivity with Bangalore, budget hotels and guesthouses and sightseeing on foot or using cheap bicycle and bike rentals would reduce the overall prices.

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What are you waiting for? Claim your share of peace and rejuvenation at one of these places by searching the best travel deals online.

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