How to Travel Without Spending a Fortune?

Travel is food for the soul. Unfortunately, a lot of people shy away from travelling as they see it as an expensive exercise. However, with so many up for grabs, especially online, thanks to sites like, travelling is not a burden on your finances anymore.

Here are a few tips to help you make your travel cheap, but at the same time, really enjoyable too!

Off Season Travel

If you want to visit a particular place in the peak tourist season, be prepared to shell out a lot of money. For example, Goa and other favourite beach destinations in India generally stay packed during the winters. As a result, prices for almost everything shoot up, and even if you don’t want to, chances are that you would end up spending more money than you want to.

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The ideal solution is to travel during the off-season During off season, the number of tourists are low in number, so prices are generally negotiable. The dearth of tourists also gives you the chance to explore the place for what it really is. With on, you can make your off season travel even cheaper.

Book Your Buses and Flights Early

 While peak season travel is definitely much more expensive than off season travel, it can still be relatively inexpensive if you book your buses and flights well in advance. Plan your trip at least two or three months in advance, and get your bookings done as soon as possible. Sure, the rates might not be as low as they are during off season, but you would definitely save a lot more money than you would if you booked your buses and flights at the very last minute

Make Portability Your Priority

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If you plan on cutting your travel expenses short, you have to be ready to cover long distances on foot. Most backpackers save a lot of money this way, and you can too! However, you need to pack light, and carry your stuff in a backpack or rucksack. Large suitcases and trolley bags aren’t really the easiest things to carry around, and walking with them for long distances is a strict no-no.

Operate on a Fixed Daily Budget

 When you travel on a strict budget, it’s necessary to manage your resources to make sure that you don’t run out of money halfway through the trip. The best way to do it is to decide on a daily budget. No matter what you do, don’t spend more than the fixed budget, and you would do just fine without any excessive financial worries.

Find Deals for Cheap Accommodation

Keep your hotel expenses in check with on Get unbelievable discounts, and stay at hotels that provide the best value for money. Accommodation costs are the first thing you should think about when you plan your trip, and with  you are guaranteed to get the best deals!

Budget traveling isn’t very complicated. All you need is a positive attitude, and some smart thinking and resourcefulness to get the best deals for yourself.

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