The Most Eagerly Awaited Smartphones Of 2016

the smartphone revolution that took us all by storm a few years ago is still alive and well, and 2016 promises to bring a lot of new products into the smartphone market. these devices promise to deliver the latest in terms of performance and bring newer software capabilities to the fore.

samsung galaxy s7

hot on the heels of the s6, samsung plans to release its next flagship device, the s7, in 2016. announcements are expected in february or march. like the galaxy s6, the s7 will also be released in a number of similar variants such as the s7 edge, s7 edge plus and s7 plus. even though specifications for the s7 have not been released yet, the s7 is expected to have the android 6.1 os, along with a minimum 4 gb of ram.

oneplus three

after the success of oneplus one and oneplus two, oneplus three looks like being the next kid on the block from the oneplus range of smartphones. previous oneplus phones have impressed immensely in terms of its performance and camera, and it’s only natural that people are expecting to see what the oneplus three has to offer. as per rumours so far, the phone will have a whopping 5 gb ram, along with a 21 megapixel back camera.

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apple iphone 7

apple devices always deliver, and that is why they have been so successful, in spite of their steep prices. the iphone 7 is expected to continue where the iphone 6 left off and deliver on all fronts. specification-wise, it is rumoured that the iphone 7 will come with the ios 10 operating system, along with a reversible usb charger.

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oppo find 9

this long awaited flagship device from oppo will be the successor of the find 7 and as far as rumours go, boasts of some jaw-dropping specifications. a minimum 4 gb of ram is expected, along with a massive 64 gb internal storage.

these four phones are sure to get geeks excited in 2016!

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