Choose the Best Nightwear for Comfortable Sleep

Sleeping is among the most important exercises of the day. Unless you sleep well, you cannot carry out your routine on the next day with full efficacy.  A comfortable nightwear is something we all look forward to as it is an important factor contributing towards sound sleep.

Choice of different types of nightwear varies according to the season. This means that winter nightwear would be different from that of summer. Ideally, winter nightwear is thick and made of either cotton or coarse wool. Summer nightwear, on the other hand, is more comfortable and loose. While men have standard clothing for the night, women’s wear varies according to their mood and occasion.

From lacy lingerie to simple nightgown, women’s nightwears are available in huge varieties online. You can also avail PrettySecrets discounts available on Deals and Couponz, apart from discounts by other popular brands like Clovia and Zivame.

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Here’s a complete guide to shop for the best brands of nightwear and what to look for in them.

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Types of Nightwear

There are different nightwear styles to choose from. Thermal nightwear, popularly known as long john, and sleep suits are designed for extremely cold climates. Finer nightgowns are a must-buy in hot climates. These can be teamed up with dressing gowns. Lingerie, which comprises of a piece of lacy silk clothing, is popular on special occasions like anniversary and honeymoon.


Custom-made for summer and winter;these are available in long and short sleeves. These are also available in full length (preferred during winter) and knee length (preferred during summers). Women who do not like wearing pajamas to bed find gowns as better options.

Robes& Dressing gowns

Almost an essential element of every nightwear, robes add class to whatever you wear. Be it a nightgown of fine material or a lingerie, a robe on top adds to the look and comfort. However, be careful while choosing the robe. Ensure that its material compliments that of you wear inside. For instance, if you wear a silk nightgown inside, a silk robe will compliment it the best.


Apt for a special occasion, this nightwear line is popular among the newlyweds and honeymooners who wish to kindle intimacy in bed. Although not very comfortable as a sleepwear, lingerie can spice up your night with your beloved.

Popular brands of lingerie include Babydoll, Bustier, Camisole, Dudou, Negligee, Torsolette and Yem.

While buying any nightwear product, ensure what material you want- cotton, poly-cotton or silk. While cotton and poly-cotton can be easily maintained, silk is fragile and needs a lot of care. Though silk is more popular, it is the most expensive choice. However, it is light on the skin and allows a lot of breathing space. Ensure that you go through the directions carefully before washing them.

You can either shop nightwear online where you may enjoy heavy discounts, or you can shop at the nearest store.Exclusive deals are also available online at where you can shop for what fits you the best without going over-budget.

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