The Best Online Stores for Men’s Fashion wear

Online shopping has emerged as the new trend in India, and if you are a man who is looking to re-invent the fashionable side in himself, you are just a few clicks away from a makeover. But the flurry of websites does not really help, does it?

Here are a few websites that can make shopping for men’s wear a breezy process!

The Bombay Shirt Company

The Bombay Shirt Company specializes in shirts and takes customization to a whole new level. The site actually allows you to customize each and every aspect of your t-shirt. Furthermore, you save big on your customizations with no middleman involved. The website even lets you book home visits. Let The Bombay Shirt Company awaken the designer in you!

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99 T-Shirts

Sometimes, men don’t really care about customizing their clothes. They just want their wardrobe to have a lot of variety. If you are that sort of man, you would love 99 T-Shirts. With an extensive range of t-shirts, extremely reasonable rates, and the scope for basic customization, 99 T-Shirts is doing big business.


So you need to buy a suit, but you don’t really have the money for a luxury label. Creyate is just the online store you are looking for if you need a stylish suit without the steep price tag. The store offers a ton of customization options, and if you want the most precise fit, you can book home visits as well.

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Lacquer Embassy

Tired of the boy-next-door image? Are you willing to step out of the boy’s shoes and finally become a gentleman? Lacquer Embassy, with its supreme collection of shirts and accessories, is the ultimate online store for men looking to make the smooth transition from the world of round-neck t-shirts to the more mature world of shirts.

Shop from these stores, and you are unlikely to shop from anywhere else again!

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